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Your Medical Ally (Research & support)

Personal health research & support

Your Medical Ally can help you learn more about a diagnosis, access medical information, explore treatment options and receive personalized support.

Effective January 1, 2022, with the changes occurring to you will no longer be able to directly link into Cerner’s external benefits partners.  

Beginning January 1, 2022 you will access our partners’ services via a traditional username and password portal.  You can access Your Medical Ally’s tools and services at  If you have previously accessed their online portal you will use the same email address you previously provided to their system, whether that was a personal email address or a Cerner email address.  If you are unsure which email address you used upon registration, you can reach out to Your Medical Ally at 888.361.3944.  New registrants can access the portal and create an account using the same URL above.
Looking for information about a condition or treatment plan? Need help navigating a healthcare situation? Considering surgery? When you need answers, Your Medical Ally is here to help. Powered by ConsumerMedical, Your Medical Ally provides custom research, available treatment options and points to consider for any medical diagnosis or health topic.

Has your doctor recommended surgery? If you are considering lower back, hip replacement, knee replacement, hysterectomy or weight loss surgery, it is now a requirement to enroll in ConsumerMedical’s Surgical Decision Support® (SDS) program at least 30 days before your surgery is scheduled. Upon completion of SDS, you will receive a $400 gift card. If you do not complete this required step, you will be assessed a $1,000 penalty at the time your claim is processed.  

Call 888.361.3944 to speak with Your Medical Ally.

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Talk to a pharmacist

Talk to a pharmacist

Our Pharmacy Advocacy Program can help you manage medications with one-on-one pharmacist consultations.

Effective January 1, 2022, with the changes occurring to you will no longer be able to directly link into Cerner’s external benefits partners.  Beginning January 1, 2022 you will access our partners’ services via a traditional username and password portal. 

Tria’s services are offered to certain health plan participants based on historical claim activity and appropriateness of their offered services.  Once invited to participate, you can access Tria’s tools and services at  To access their online portal you will use your Tria ID (a number provided in your Tria welcome letter or by calling Tria Health at 888.799.8742).  The enrollment form will collect all of your pertinent information and you’ll be able to create a password for your account. 

My Life Resources (EAP)

My Life Resources (EAP)

Life's journey made easier.

My Life Resources, powered by Spring Health, is our Associate Assistance Program (EAP) and is here to help guide you on the path to a healthier, more vibrant life. You'll have access to confidential tools and services to empower you to be your best each day. 

A Care Navigator can help you schedule in-person or virtual therapy, choosing from a diverse set of providers so you can find someone who is best for you and your needs. Additionally, you can access robust work-life, legal and financial services.
Take advantage of My Life Resources by calling 240.558.5796.

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Benefits Education

Benefits education

Learn more about your Cerner benefits and health plan options

Access the RISE platform to explore and learn more about Cerner’s benefits, including our health plan offerings, supplemental benefits, instructions for how to enroll, health plan notices, summary plan descriptions and more.

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HR Knowledge Base

Your trusted source for HR information.

At Human Resources, it is our priority and commitment to connect you to the right HR support analyst and to help ensure accurate, efficient and timely responses to your inquiries. Our service center hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CST).


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Healthe Living with Rewards (earn points)

Healthe Living with Rewards

Earn discounts and rewards for living well and staying active.

Healthe Living with Rewards (HLwR) is an incentive-based wellness program designed for eligible primary subscribers and spouses/domestic partners enrolled in the HRA Plan, HSA Plan or Bind. Eligible participants in the program can earn points through a variety of activities to reduce their health plan premium and increase their Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) balances.

Members can participate in Healthe Living with Rewards through ActiveHealth. Get started by following these onboarding instructions.

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Family Support Resources

Family Support Resources

To support working parents and caregivers, Cerner offers two family support programs to all U.S. associates at discounted rates – Bright Horizons and Back to Basics. These programs are tailored to meet your family’s needs, budget and are designed to: 

  • Provide access to childcare for those times when a child is sick, daycares/schools are closed or as an emergency arises
  • Support for caregivers who need vetted resources to help coordinate and manage care
  • Personalize programming to meet a child’s educational needs 

Family Care & School Support While You Work 

When you have to work, you need support for your family. Whether it’s reliable childcare solutions or extra academic support and tutoring, rely on Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports. Additional benefits include resources to help find elder care, pet care, housekeeping, and more. 

Back to Basics virtual education assistance focuses on teaching students the skills and strategies to be successful in a rapidly changing educational climate. Email or call 302-594-0754 (Code: "Cerner") to get started.

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Learn more about Cerner's family support programs

Additional Work-Life Services and parenting support resources are available through My Life Resources

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