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Mental health therapy

Meet with a therapist to support your mental health goals.

Psychotherapy at the Healthe Clinic is a collaborative treatment program grounded in open, neutral dialogue. Members and therapists will work together to identify and change the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best. Information shared during your session is kept completely confidential within the Clinic’s electronic medical record. Therapy notes are brief; documentation indicates your attendance, major themes and interventions. Your diagnosis may be discussed with other members of the Healthe Clinic team but only when information is critical to your care. Clinic therapists also provide testing and formal assessment services as clinically appropriate.

All members in the Kansas or Missouri can meet onsite or virtually with a therapist through the Oracle Cerner Healthe Clinics. To get started, call 816.201.2273.

For additional information on mental wellbeing resources available to Oracle employees, please visit

Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minutes

Reset and refocus with 15 minutes of guided, mindful meditation.

Mindful Minutes are 10 to 15-minute sessions focused on mindful meditation. Members of the Healthe Clinic and Healthe Fitness Center teams will lead you in meditation and mindfulness practices to help you reset your stress response, improve sleep, increase feelings of well-being and much more. Sessions are available on-demand.

Access Mindful MinutesAccess Mindful Minutes

Coaching services

Coaching services

Meet with a coach to support your well-being goals.

Are you feeling motivated and ready to improve your health and well-being? Our coaches are available to provide accountability and support for your healthy lifestyle. Whether you're looking to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, manage diabetes or improve your emotional health, our coaches are here to support you on your journey.

U.S.-based members can get started with coaching services:

  • Malvern-area members can meet with a Wellness Coach through Anuva Health. To get started, visit Anuva Health or call 833.692.6882.
  • All other members can meet onsite or virtually with a Wellness Coach through the Cerner Healthe Clinics. To get started, call 816.201.2273 or log into your Healthe Clinic Portal to schedule.
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