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HRA Plan

HRA Plan

HRA Plan members can track claims, check account balances or find a provider with Cerner HealthPlan Services.

The HRA Plan is a consumer-driven health plan that encourages you to take an active role in your health and care. Cerner HealthPlan Services is the health plan administrator for the HRA Plan and can help you understand your coverage, easily track your transactions and claims, check account balances or submit claims for reimbursement for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA), find a provider and much more. Speak to a representative at 877.765.1033.

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HSA Plan

HSA Plan

HSA Plan members can track claims and find a provider with Cerner HealthPlan Services and access HSA Bank for account balances.

The HSA Plan is a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) you can contribute to along with Cerner’s funding. The HSA gives you a tax-free way to pay for medical expenses now or to save for the future (even in retirement). The HSA Plan is administered by Cerner HealthPlan Services. HSA Bank is the health savings account partner for members enrolled in the HSA Plan. HSA Bank allows you to quickly check your balance and details. The secure app makes managing your health benefits easy through real-time access and intuitive navigation to all your important account information.

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HSA Plan



Shop for healthcare like you shop for other things with the Bind plan.

Bind is a no-deductible health plan with upfront cost clarity that lets members shop for healthcare. Access MyBind to search for cost and coverage answers in real time. Through MyBind you can compare providers to find lower-cost and quality-rated doctors, activate coverage as needed and more. Do you need to check your account balances or submit a claim for reimbursement? Cerner HealthPlan Services administers the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Bind primary subscribers. Access Cerner HealthPlan Services to check your account balances and to submit for reimbursement at

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Diabetes management

Diabetes management

Experience a new approach to diabetes management.

Livongo is a program that combines the latest technology with coaching to help you manage your diabetes. This program also offers unlimited strips and lancets and ships them directly to your door. Livongo is available at no cost to primary health plan members and their dependents enrolled in the HRA, HSA and Bind plans.

Speak to a Livongo representative at 800.945.4355.

Virta is a virtual personalized diabetes reversal program that provides continuous remote medical care and individualized nutrition therapy for members with Type 2 diabetes. This program offers a starter kit with a meter, test strips, and a connected scale. Virta is available at no cost to primary health plan members and their dependents enrolled in Bind. Speak to a Bind representative at 1-833-997-1086.

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Maternity program

Cerner Maternity

Enjoy an enhanced experience throughout your maternity journey.

Having a little one is an exciting time. You deserve a supportive maternity journey - from thinking about getting pregnant to returning to work. Cerner Maternity includes personal coaching sessions, high-quality education and Cerner Certified Maternity Partner relationships for delivery. We offer a variety of resources to help you plan and stay on track including checklists, leaves education and car seat safety information.

If you are a member of any Cerner health plan and interested in meeting with a Maternity Navigator, call 816.201.CARE or log-in to schedule an appointment.

With all Cerner health plans, you continue to have choice in selecting your delivery facility, including the Cerner Certified Maternity Partners (CCMP): AdventHealth Shawnee Mission and Truman Medical Center-Lakewood.  However, members on the Bind plan are not eligible for program benefits at a CCMP.

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Fertility assistance

Progyny fertility benefits

The Progyny network is designed to provide innovative fertility services.

Cerner health benefits members enrolled in the HRA, HSA, or Bind plans have medical coverage for fertility treatments, including IVF and egg freezing plans, through the Progyny network. This benefit also includes specialty fertility medication coverage and administration. It provides personalized care and education through state-of-the-art technology to deliver fertility medications during your smart cycle.

With Progyny as your fertility benefit provider, you have access to the most innovative treatments administered with personalized service to help achieve your pregnancy goals. You also have access to a comprehensive network of fertility clinics throughout the country and a benefit plan that allows your doctor to pursue the most effective treatment for you.

To get started, call 888.843.8758 or email

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Weight loss surgery

Cerner Certified Bariatric program

The Cerner Certified Bariatric program will support you through your weight loss surgery journey.

The Cerner Certified Bariatric program is a strategic alignment between Christiana Care Health System and Healthe at Cerner. This partnership provides a member-centric model of care focused on an exemplary experience with optimal outcomes including healthy weight reduction. This comprehensive program focuses on improving the efficacy of weight loss surgery, promoting a greater continuity of care, and delivering a personalized experience in a supportive environment to help members to safely achieve their weight loss goals. Through this program, members will have access to navigation, targeted education, and the surgical expertise of Christiana Care.

Get started in the program by watching this video and click the "Learn more" button below for the program overview and FAQ. You can reach the Cerner Bariatric Navigation team by calling 888.580.5741.

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Prescription coverage

Pharmacy benefits

Find a pharmacy, search for medication information and price your prescription.

Elixir is the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for the HRA Plan and HSA Plan. As the PBM, Elixir has responsibility for managing and administering your prescription benefits, including processing your prescription medication claims, contracting with pharmacies and negotiating discounts on your behalf.

Speak to a representative at 800.771.4648.

Bind plan members will access their pharmacy benefits through Bind. Search for a medication to learn about coverage, prices and available pharmacies. Speak to a representative at 1-833-997-1086.

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Learn more about Bind (use access code “cerner2021”)

Healthe Living with Rewards (earn points)

Healthe Living with Rewards

Earn discounts and rewards for living well and staying active.

Want to earn points for taking your evening walk or use our online tools to get a closer look at your health status? With Healthe Living with Rewards, you can take an active role in your well-being and earn rewards along the way.

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Virtual healthcare

Virtual healthcare

Access virtual healthcare, powered by HealthTap

HealthTap is a virtual healthcare provider that offers online tools to get personalized information and evaluate symptoms, as well as provides access to virtual doctor visits. Cerner Health Plan members enrolled in either the HRA or HSA Plan, can access HealthTap from the comfort of your own home to address any health concerns you may have. With HealthTap, you can: 

  • Search an extensive library of doctor-answered questions 
  • Ask your own question and get a written answer from a HealthTap doctor in 24 hours or less (U.S.-based board-certified physicians) 
  • Check your symptoms and receive personalized guidance about what to do next 
  • Live text, voice call or video chat with a doctor (available 24/7 with a wait-time of less than 1 minute) for a fee of $49 per visit 

    How do payment and reimbursement work? 
    HealthTap, while a participating provider with the Cerner Health Plan for both the HRA and HSA Plans, is not currently able to submit an actual claim on your behalf. Upon activating your account, you will enter your credit card information. Should you have a virtual visit through HealthTap, you will be charged the $49 fee on that credit card. HealthTap will send limited information to Cerner HealthPlan Services (CHPS) with your date of service and member identifier. For more information on this process for HRA and HSA Plan members, see this FAQ

HealthTap is only available for Cerner Health Plan members enrolled in either the HRA or HSA Plan. If you are enrolled in Bind, you can access virtual care services through Doctor on Demand – learn more on If you are not a Cerner Health Plan member, you can purchase HealthTap directly at

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Virtual health care