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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on September 4, 2017

Where do you go when you, or someone you love, need medical advice? Were you recommended for surgery but are now second guessing the procedure? Do you know your options?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to navigating health and care.

Wouldn’t you like to see the whole map to your healthcare journey?

With Your Medical Ally, powered by ConsumerMedical, you can see all routes. This complimentary and confidential service for our health benefits members is personalized, and provides up-to-date information, education and support on any medical topic to help members make informed decisions about their treatment options. Your Medical Ally can point you in the right direction by using tools and services to help you:

  • Order a health information kit
  • Work directly with a physician-led team
  • Find out if you qualify for surgical decision support

After years of experiencing hip problems and visiting multiple providers, Paul Blau, solution manager for CernerWorksSM, was recommended by his orthopedic surgeon to pursue a hip replacement. “I started doing a lot of research on the subject and found some conflicting information,” Paul recalled. “I actually found out about ConsumerMedical from a Cerner home mailer. Based on that brochure, I figured I would reach out to see if they could help provide me with additional information in making my decision.”

Right from the start, ConsumerMedical assisted Paul in providing him with useful information to aid in his decision-making process about surgery, what issues to consider and best practices for post-surgery.

“The most valuable support was an interactive, neutral sounding board that I could speak with to discuss my concerns and the decision-making process, while also bringing up some interesting points that I may not have come up with myself,” Paul said. “They provided the knowledge and insight to help me become an educated user of the medical system.”

Your Medical Ally armed Paul with the information needed to make the best decision possible. Although Paul decided to go through with the surgery, he can’t say enough about the support he received. “I felt confident and prepared coming to my decision. The comfort level was tremendous for my entire family in taking on a major surgery and dealing with the changes it might cause to our daily lives while I recovered.”

Paul felt the support continue as follow-up calls were conducted to check on his progress and offered additional counseling, information and help.

Now that Paul has had the surgery and completed physical therapy he’s back to his daily activity levels. He said, “I’m swimming daily, weight training and back to mountain biking on the trails near my home. The best part is having my son participate with me; there’s no better therapy than that.”

Paul encourages others to take advantage of Your Medical Ally. “The key message is that this service is invaluable,” he said. “Why wouldn’t someone want to take advantage of a great opportunity and benefit that Cerner offers its members? The easy way out would have been for me not to do my homework, but ConsumerMedical made the process simple and efficient.”

To learn more about Your Medical Ally, powered by ConsumerMedical, visit