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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on March 30, 2017

For many women, working out in the free weights area of a fitness center can be intimidating, especially if you’re going alone or not familiar with how to use the equipment properly. Women on Weights (WoW) is a small group training program specifically designed for women who are new to lifting weights and want to get stronger and feel more confident in the gym. Groups meet about twice a week and are led by a Healthe Fitness Center fitness specialist.

WoW incorporates the fun of working out in a group setting, while providing a challenging circuit style workout. Participants learn proper equipment set up, form and technique, all while staying motivated with other women.

“I wanted to add strength training into by routine, but I was intimidated by the equipment and the men who often dominate it,” said Gina Harlow, interface architect and a Women on Weights participant. “The last time I had used fitness equipment was a couple of decades ago.”

Gina found out about WoW through a colleague, and ultimately decided to join. “The fitness specialists are fun and upbeat, super informative and helpful with ensuring the movements are being done correctly with focus on the proper muscle groups,” Gina said. “The fitness specialists pushed me a little further than I would’ve thought to push myself, which allowed me to see results in a shorter timeframe than I anticipated. I’ve noticed an increase in my strength, energy level and mental health.”

Rebecca Ebert, another WoW participant, had a similar experience...“I used to lift weights and enjoyed it, but it had been so long, I wasn’t sure where or how to start again. Having a few colleagues from my team also join WoW was the final push for me to get started. It was nice having that support system,” said Rebecca. “Seeing the same people at each session and working with fitness specialists who are super motivating and enthusiastic, keep me going.”

To sign up for Women on Weights, visit the Healthe Fitness Center front desk.