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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on September 7, 2017

Rachel Holt, MD, promptly gathered with her Healthe Clinic care team in a care suite early Monday morning. “So, who do we have on our schedule today?” she asked. The conversation quickly turned from recalling weekend activities to focused discussion and collaborative decision-making for the health and care of the clinic members visiting that day.

What if your primary care physician regularly communicated with your registered dietitian, who spoke with your behavioral therapist, who worked to connect you to a fitness specialist, who got you set up with your very own personalized fitness plan? Doesn’t sound possible does it?

But it is! The Healthe Clinic have made this highly collaborative and interconnected approach a reality, which we call, Team Care.

“The Team Care approach is extremely valuable and beneficial not only to the member, but the care team as well,” said Holt. “You just don’t see this type of care out in the community.”

Steven Young, director of Cerner Connect, believes in the approach. “A couple of years ago, some of my health habits began to slip,” said Steven. “I had always been a member at the Healthe Clinic, but only when the Team Care approach was implemented, did I truly experience integrated care.”

When meeting with Holt, the two discussed and addressed his rising blood pressure. After getting the results of Steven’s Healthe Living with Rewards screening, they noticed other numbers slipping, including his cholesterol. Steven recalled, “I knew I needed to make a change, but the biggest challenge was myself. I was educated enough to know how to make changes and thought I could do it on my own.” But when the numbers indicated pre-diabetes, that’s when Steven really started to pay more attention.

Holt connected Steven with Rachel Schieber, senior wellness coach and member of Holt’s care team, where they set sustainable and attainable goals. “Rachel was great to work with; she was so patient with me,” said Steven. “She helped me build my toolkit into a series of things I could turn to when I started to struggle with my goals. The best thing I told myself was to get away from the all or nothing attitude. I don’t have to be perfect.”

After having this change of heart and setting goals through monthly conversations with Schieber, Steven has seen success. In 2016 he lost 30 pounds, and his journey to better health is ongoing.

With support from his wife, Steve has set his sights on changing his lifestyle to no longer need medication and lose more weight. “I don’t want my behavior to be detrimental to my health. I want these healthy habits to become part of my day to day,” said Steven.

And that’s exactly what Steven is doing. From taking walks each day while wearing his Fitbit to tracking his food intake with MyFitnessPal and visiting the Healthe Fitness Center three to five times a week, Steven is making these healthy habits a reality.

“Again, it’s about getting away from the all or nothing mentality and just doing what you can,” said Steven.

“The whole team is wonderful. When something goes wrong, they are always in sync, so they are all aware of what’s happening. We’re not treating symptoms, we’re treating the behavior and psychology. The approach is holistic and it’s equipping me to handle situations on my own.”

To Steven, Team Care is valuable because it’s holding him accountable – through the good and the bad. “It’s making me become more self-aware by the goals I’ve set in place each month. My cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is down and my glucose is much better,” said Steven.

“I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but with Team Care and my own willingness to change, I’m confident I can get there.”

Check out this video to learn more about our Team Care approach.