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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on September 8, 2017

When Ethan Maniez was hospitalized with a severe case of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), at 3 months old, his parents Tyler Maniez, manager, and his wife, Lauren, were warned about the onset of asthma as Ethan grew older.

Around the time Ethan turned 18 months old, his newly acquired walking skills quickly turned into running. But when Ethan’s physical activity caused him to suffer severe coughing fits, Tyler and Lauren became concerned.

“From our initial visits with his pediatrician and an allergist, Ethan was given treatments to help with his breathing,” Tyler explained. “But soon after, he was diagnosed with pre-asthma and it was recommended we give him nightly treatments of something called, budesonide.” This medication combats the full onset of asthma.

Upon discovering that budesonide is an expensive medication, Tyler and Lauren spoke to a clinician at the Health Pharmacy who directed them to Cerner's asthma management program.

Asthma management is offered through our Pharmacy Advocacy Program and delivered through the comprehensive care from Tria Health and the Healthe Pharmacy. Cerner health benefits members, who have an active asthma diagnosis, are given the unique opportunity to receive complete coverage on their inhaled corticosteroids by engaging in the program after their first fill of the medication.

“Without the program, would we have purchased the medication for Ethan anyway? Of course,” Tyler said. “However, this invaluable program has provided immense relief for Lauren and I in many ways. Not only has it helped reduced the cost burden and allowed us to be proactive in Ethan’s care, but as busy parents, it’s amazing to have a program that is simple, efficient and hassle free.”

Now a few years older, Ethan's asthma is under control and he's enjoying being a kid.

“He’s running around and no longer has breathing problems,” Tyler said. “We feel confident that the medication we were able to receive through this amazing benefit has helped propel Ethan ahead of the asthma.”

Tyler and Lauren still engage with a Tria Health pharmacist on a regular basis to check on Ethan’s health status and ensure that the medication is working properly.

To learn more about working confidentially with a pharmacist who will collaborate with both you and your prescribing physician to help ensure your meds are safe, effective and affordable, visit