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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on September 12, 2017

On the cold, dark early mornings, when others are still waking up or brewing their warm cup of joe, Cerner Malvern bikers are hitting the Chester Valley Trail in Exton, Pennsylvania, spinning their way to work.

These riders are part of our sponsored Bike to Work events, which stemmed from the challenge put forth by the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC). From June to October, dedicated riders meet every second Wednesday of the month and bike to work. The goal is to improve air quality by reducing emissions, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Jenny Brower, senior software engineer, and Pete Githens, technical project manager, Bike to Work participants and Malvern winners of the Tour de Cerner challenge, lead the charge as these riders brave the cold and heat while spinning their way to campus.

“When I first got into biking, I was asked by fellow Cerner associate, Sobrina Butler, to join me in the week-long TMACC Bike to Work challenge,” recalled Jenny. “So, I pulled out my daughter’s old mountain bike and put on a pair of jean shorts, due to my lack of biking attire, and I biked to work a few times – even though it rained the entire week.” To begin, the group only had a few riders, but after the cyclists received some internal executive support and word-of-mouth spread, that number slowly grew.

Pete remembered the first time he biked to work. “I got started through my involvement in triathlons and had heard about the Bike to Work challenge through Jenny, and thought, well why wouldn’t I do it, too? I ride my bike all the time anyway.” Pete also saw this challenge as a great way to get other people involved in cycling.

“Now, we see up to 29 riders at a time – interest has really grown and our numbers have gone off the chart!” Jenny said about the increased participation. “We’ve got more people riding and riding more at home as well.”

Because of the commitment and participation of bikers, our Malvern associates have won the TMACC Corporate Challenge for the last six years. And in 2016, we received third place in the National Bike Challenge through the local TMACC with 18 riders logging more than 5,800 miles from May through September.

As bikers continue to ride and grow their numbers, they’re excited to log their miles and participate in the Healthe Fitness Center’s newest program for 2017, the Cerner Running & Cycling Club.

Looking to start riding in your area? Visit the Cerner Running and Cycling Club uCern group to connect with other riders.