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by David Nill, MD
Published on April 6, 2018

The Cerner Healthe Clinic participated in a beta release of the iOS 11.3 version of Apple’s Health app, which includes a new feature that allows members to connect their HealtheLife℠ portal account to the Apple Health app. This connection lets a person see some of their patient portal data in the Apple Health app. Now, with the GA release of iOS 11.3, iPhone® users can access their health record data from any participating provider in the program.
iPhone screen image
Healthe Clinic members, to get your health records from the Healthe Clinic onto your iPhone®, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest release of iOS
  2. Go to the Apple Health app and click the “Health Data” icon
  3. Select “Health Records”
  4. Search for the Healthe Clinic to add account
  5. Log in using your Cerner Health® identity

You’ll see each of the Healthe Clinics listed by its individual location, but you only need to connect to one of the Healthe Clinics, as they share a Millennium® domain. If you have received care at other provider venues on the list, you can add those as well.

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