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by Healthe at Cerner
Published on December 8, 2017

Change is hard, especially when it comes to your health. It can be even harder to go it alone. At Cerner, we want you to feel connected and supported along your health journey. That’s why we offer health and wellness coaching, as part of our Team Care model in the Healthe Clinic. Our coaches are motivating, supportive and empowering in helping you make positive health behavior changes. When you meet with a health or wellness coach, you’ll create a road map to enhance and improve your well-being through short- and long-term action plans aimed toward achieving your overall health goals.

When Adam Anderson, production owner architect, joined Cerner in 2015, he took advantage of the Healthe at Cerner programs and on-site services by scheduling his physical through the Healthe Clinic – a routine activity that turned into an eye-opening experience. Adam was 422 pounds and pre-diabetic with a high A1C level.

Adam set out to change his life. Whatever it takes.

Through Healthe at Cerner’s coordinated programs and care team collaboration, Adam immediately connected with a wellness coach, registered dietitian and fitness specialist. He began consistently working out at the Healthe Fitness Center. Adam went from being active only when necessary to not sitting still for more than 30 minutes at a time – making his 10,000 daily step goal a breeze.

Diet changes were key to Adam’s new lifestyle; goodbye fatty, salty and sugary foods. With smaller portions and more fruits and vegetables, Adam went from consuming around 5,000 calories a day to around 2,000 – less than half!

Adam’s daughter and little one on the way, at the time, kept him motivated. Seeing the numbers on the scale go down and fitting into old clothes were also big motivators.

“I had no idea how fast things would change, especially with regards to my heart health. It feels like I’m finally recovering from a 12-year illness that was dragging me to the grave,” Adam said.

Adam continues to see results as he keeps a consistent workout routine and watchful eye on his nutrition.

Now a father of two, Adam is over 214 pounds lighter, he discontinued both of his blood pressure medications and his frequent heart palpitations have ceased. His fellow associates can hardly recognize him!

“I look forward to continuing on my journey to better health – my goal is to lose 222 pounds,” he said.

You can watch Adam’s full story here.