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2022-2023 Holiday Hours of Operation

Normal business hours for the Innovations and World Headquarters Healthe Clinic and Pharmacy are listed here. In preparation for the upcoming holiday season and our ending of operations, please make note of the below:

November 21 & 22: closing at 5pm

November 23: closing at 3pm

November 24 & 25: CLOSED

December 19 thru 21: closing at 5pm

December 22: closing at 3pm

December 23 & 26: CLOSED

December 27 thru 29: closing at 5pm

December 30: closing at 3pm

January 2: CLOSED

January 13: closing at 3pm

January 16: CLOSED

January 31: closing at 5pm

Important Clinic and Pharmacy Closure Information

The Healthe Clinics and pharmacies in Kansas City and the Anuva Health Centers and pharmacy in Malvern and West Chester will be closing, effective January 31, 2023. This includes the clinics and pharmacies at the World Headquarters (WHQ) and Innovations (INN) campuses in Kansas City.

The clinic providers and staff will continue to support you through this transition; please read below for additional information.

Key Dates: Healthe Clinic and pharmacy patients at WHQ and INN

Date What’s happening Action
January 27, 2023 Last day to submit prescription refills or transfers and the last day of regularly scheduled appointments
  • For prescription refills, contact the Healthe pharmacy through January 27, 2023
  • For prescription transfers, contact a community pharmacy and request that they complete a prescription profile transfer
  • See below for additional information
January 30, 2023 A limited number of appointments will be available at the KC-based Healthe Clinics

Last day to pick up prescriptions from the Anuva Pharmacy
  • Establish care with a new provider in your community
  • Submit records requests
  • See below for more information
January 31, 2023 Last day to pick up prescriptions from the KC-based Healthe Clinics. Operations at the Healthe Clinics and Anuva Health Center conclude at 5:00 PM
January 31, 2024 Last day to access your medical record, health and medication history through the Cerner Health Portal
  • Continue using Cerner Health Portal online until January 31, 2024
  • See instructions below to request your medical records

Requesting Medical Records

  • Access to your medical record, health history and prescriptions through the Cerner Health Portal will remain live until January 31, 2024.
  • Now through January 31, 2023, to receive a copy of your medical records, or to have them sent directly to a community provider:
    • Complete the release of information form
    • Once completed and signed, submit forms through your Cerner Health Portal account or Anuva Portal account to the Records Request inbox. (Navigate to Messaging > Inbox > Send a message, and type “Records request” in the “to” field until the inbox appears). Please allow 10 to 14 business days for record requests to be processed.
  • Instructions for requesting a copy of your medical records after January 31, 2023 will be communicated prior to clinic closure.
  • If you have questions regarding the release of medical records, send a secure message using your Portal account to the Records Request inbox.
  • Your medical record information will be retained in accordance with Missouri law.

Prescriptions and Prescription Transfers

  • Last day to request a prescription refill or transfer is 1/27/23.
  • Last day to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy is 1/31/23.
  • To transfer prescriptions from the Healthe Clinic or Anuva Pharmacy to a community pharmacy, have the community pharmacist call the Healthe Clinic pharmacy at (816) 201-2273. The pharmacist should be advised to select the specific location, World Headquarters or Innovations, where the patient’s prescriptions were last filled.
  • Depending on your last refill date, prescription type and your last appointment date, you may be prescribed a 60- or 90-day supply of your medications. Please speak with your provider to determine what medication quantity is right for you. Not all medications may be prescribed in large quantities.

Finding a new provider

  • In-network providers can be found by going to You can also visit the websites of local hospitals to find providers who are accepting new patients.
  • Consider AmWell for dietitian and health coach options.
  • If your Healthe Clinic or Anuva provider transitions to a primary care practice in your area, you may establish care as a new patient at that office. Before scheduling an appointment, confirm that your health insurance is accepted at that practice. If you proceed with establishing care with the same provider at a new practice, you can request that the Healthe Clinic or Anuva transfer your medical record information to the new practice.

If you have additional questions, please message your care team directly using your portal account.

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